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Trees for Life

Having made a trip to Findhorn recently, I dropped in on Trees for Life to find out what they are doing to support nature and how they educate the masses.   Their work is tremendous and essential in restoring the balance to our fragile British ecosystem and the impact this will have not only here but further afield.  Take a look at the work these guys are doing – it’s awesome!
Trees generate oxygen, consume carbon dioxide, they are natural habitats for our native and migratory species of insects and birds, they bring shade and shelter to flora and fauna, they have great medicinal qualities and of course, trees are very sociable – yes, that’s what I said, sociable! They will lend a helping hand to another of their own kind if one is struggling, and send out chemical signals when under attack to warn other trees to armour themselves from invasion!  Amazing… and not to mention they are stunning.
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