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Herb Magick: Bruised and aching muscles

Clever me! I slipped over during the snow and realised I had completely run out of my homemade balm for bruises and sore muscles so raided the store cupboard and made a new one.  It’s a simple recipe, here’s how:

Pop 300ml olive oil in a bain marie (it may seem like a heavy oil but it’s really full of fabulous healing qualities).
Throw in some lavender, chamomile, calendula, rosemary and ginger (total weighing roughly 30g-40g dried and a it more if fresh).
Heat and leave to simmer for an hour (don’t forget to top the water every now and again).
Leave to infuse overnight and discard herbs by straining off with muslin.
Warm the infusion and add 15g beeswax, 10% wintergreen, 10% arnica and for good measure 1ml lavender oil.

If you are wanting something a little lighter and quicker to absorb into the skin, swap the Olive Oil for Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Apricot or Kiwi oil.

Cool and store in fridge.  Voila! Lovely smelling too!

(Don’t use on open wounds due to arnica)