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Plastics & Supermarkets

I live in a lovely Somerset town called Frome (you may well have heard of it with all the recent media).   The people here are fed up with plastic in the town (and generally) and will be collecting all their plastic packaging and returning it to our local Sainsbury’s this Saturday 7th April as a means of showing that we care about our environment and by making a peaceable stand.

As a small business in Frome, we absolutely loving this move. It goes some way to educating big business so they get a glimpse of how a small number of houses in Frome alone create such a huge and unnecessary mountain of plastic by purchasing packaged food from their stores. Do we even have the vision to imagine what this looks like on a global scale, every day, week in and week out, with no let up, not just Frome but globally? Plastic is having a devastating impact on wildlife, on land and sea.  Nature is suffocating and we are part of that… and we are the cause. It’s time for the consumers (all of us) to force big business to rethink their plastic packaging. Many small local businesses (and we pride ourselves here) have used other ways to move away from plastic and prefer not to use unnecessary packaging at all. This minimalises our footprint and global impact. Just imagine if the large supermarkets and global brands were brave enough to lead this revolution.

Return the plastic!

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