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Plastic attack goes from strength to strength

Great news!  Many others are joining in on the plastic movement.

I have had my ear to the ground and have heard peoples’ concerns that protesters are creating an unnecessarily  job for the staff in supermarkets who have to clear the plastic up.  Please let me reassure you that the protests I have been to, (and I am sure this is the same wherever these protests are taking place), we are placing the unnecessary and non-bio-degradable plastic bags, trays etc into big bins which are then emptied by the supermarkets.  We do not leave the plastic rubbish to catch on the wind and take off.  I am hopeful that the amount of time it takes a member of staff to wheel the bin out back for the refuge collectors is a minimal amount of their time spent.  This is non-recyclable plastic so there’s no point in a member of staff sifting through it all.  We, the protesters, have already done that.

Many of us feel that in order to get the companies that make this cheap non bio-degradable plastic to stop we have to target the conglomerates that can make a difference, and these conglomerates are the supermarkets!  If people vote with our feet, voices and hearts, the supermarkets in turn will feel the pressure to stop buying produce in throw-away non bio-degradable plastic and WE CAN make a difference.  Knowing that we have plastic islands in the sea is absolutely horrendous… I don’t fancy a holiday on one, do you?

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