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A sense of well-being

Just a hint of an early spring in the air and the sun warms the soul. With the light returning, we’ve decided to shine the light on another side of us!

Purple Pollen’s array of sprays range from unifying to balancing, cleansing, supporting and releasing and all are made with the utmost integrity and love. and you can find these exciting products under Products/ Well-being

How it all came about

Rebekah’s fascination with energy and vibration took her firstly in the direction of crystals where she ploughed her way through an intensive Diploma with the International College of Crystal Healers.  After this feat and with a drive for knowledge, Rebekah was drawn towards the vibrational healing properties of flowers and spent time in Australia where she qualified as a Flower Essence Practitioner in the summer of 2001. Soon after qualifying, Rebekah began making her own, in fact, the very first essence was made in the Blue Mountains, at two sacred healing sites, Mini HaHa and Narrowneck.

Having always held a fascination with the cycles of the moon and how Luna affects us emotionally, as well as the movement of the Planets and of course the spin of Earth and the cycles of the seasons, Rebekah felt it only appropriate to listen to that inner knowing and start combining what she knew; crystals, flowers, planets and earth’s energies into creating some unique and inspiring: well-being sprays and tinctures for every day use.

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Autumn Oils

With the seasonal shift comes great change in nature and that change in weather affects the skin. Body Butters and Oils nourish and hydrate the skin like no other pampering so are the ideal choice to help maintain soft, smooth and healthy looking skin. These oils are free from scent so you can add your own essential oil mix to make it a personal thing!
Rosehip Oil is rammed with vitamin C, Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic and natural trefinoin. This is “The Mother” of all oils working on stretch marks, scars and fine lines to name but a few – She’s a Wonder Mum!
Shea and Cocoa Body Butter works to keep your skin supple, has anti-inflammatory properties, Omega 9 & 7 essential fatty acids as well as antioxidants and loves to work on stretch marks, small wounds, dry and troubled skin.
Jojoba & Apricot Oil is perfect for younger or sensitive skin types. It’s high in Omega 6, 7, & 9 essential fatty acids and as it’s easily absorbed, can be used day and night, leaving skin soft and silky.
All 100% organic and botanical. Naturally Beautiful you!
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In amongst the Celendines, Violets and Bluebells

Not wanting to be huddled indoors with this dreary cold spell, I bundled and braced myself up for a woodland walk in a new neck of the woods around East Woodlands.  Wow, the cacophony of birdsong filled my senses and the beauty of Celendines, Violets and Bluebells all around, not to mention the carpet of Ramsons (wild garlic).

As well as being a Herbalist, I am also a Flower Essence Practitioner and it’s lovely to share in knowledge of these beauties with you as essences work on a more subtle level.

Celendine: Shines light into the Dark Night of the Soul.

Violet: Helps to remove damage to the aura and gives psychic protection.

Bluebell: Helps one to speak their truth clearly and can be used as a tincture for spiritual rebirth.  (Do not eat any part of this flower.  Essences are made by ‘pulling’ out a plant’s energy into water.)

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Plastic attack goes from strength to strength

Great news!  Many others are joining in on the plastic movement.

I have had my ear to the ground and have heard peoples’ concerns that protesters are creating an unnecessarily  job for the staff in supermarkets who have to clear the plastic up.  Please let me reassure you that the protests I have been to, (and I am sure this is the same wherever these protests are taking place), we are placing the unnecessary and non-bio-degradable plastic bags, trays etc into big bins which are then emptied by the supermarkets.  We do not leave the plastic rubbish to catch on the wind and take off.  I am hopeful that the amount of time it takes a member of staff to wheel the bin out back for the refuge collectors is a minimal amount of their time spent.  This is non-recyclable plastic so there’s no point in a member of staff sifting through it all.  We, the protesters, have already done that.

Many of us feel that in order to get the companies that make this cheap non bio-degradable plastic to stop we have to target the conglomerates that can make a difference, and these conglomerates are the supermarkets!  If people vote with our feet, voices and hearts, the supermarkets in turn will feel the pressure to stop buying produce in throw-away non bio-degradable plastic and WE CAN make a difference.  Knowing that we have plastic islands in the sea is absolutely horrendous… I don’t fancy a holiday on one, do you?

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my PET plastic hate… and supermarkets

Here were are on the front page of the local Frome Times outside Sainsbury’s supermarket making a stand against unnecessary packaging and plastics that can’t be recycled.  The next “Return the Plastic” to supermarkets will take place outside M&S Frome on 5th May, 12 noon.  Help us make a difference by bringing along all your (utterly useless) plastic packaging.  We need supermarkets to work with us to make the difference.

30 trolleys full of plastic returned to supermarket

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Trees for Life

Having made a trip to Findhorn recently, I dropped in on Trees for Life to find out what they are doing to support nature and how they educate the masses.   Their work is tremendous and essential in restoring the balance to our fragile British ecosystem and the impact this will have not only here but further afield.  Take a look at the work these guys are doing – it’s awesome!
Trees generate oxygen, consume carbon dioxide, they are natural habitats for our native and migratory species of insects and birds, they bring shade and shelter to flora and fauna, they have great medicinal qualities and of course, trees are very sociable – yes, that’s what I said, sociable! They will lend a helping hand to another of their own kind if one is struggling, and send out chemical signals when under attack to warn other trees to armour themselves from invasion!  Amazing… and not to mention they are stunning.
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Plastics & Supermarkets

I live in a lovely Somerset town called Frome (you may well have heard of it with all the recent media).   The people here are fed up with plastic in the town (and generally) and will be collecting all their plastic packaging and returning it to our local Sainsbury’s this Saturday 7th April as a means of showing that we care about our environment and by making a peaceable stand.

As a small business in Frome, we absolutely loving this move. It goes some way to educating big business so they get a glimpse of how a small number of houses in Frome alone create such a huge and unnecessary mountain of plastic by purchasing packaged food from their stores. Do we even have the vision to imagine what this looks like on a global scale, every day, week in and week out, with no let up, not just Frome but globally? Plastic is having a devastating impact on wildlife, on land and sea.  Nature is suffocating and we are part of that… and we are the cause. It’s time for the consumers (all of us) to force big business to rethink their plastic packaging. Many small local businesses (and we pride ourselves here) have used other ways to move away from plastic and prefer not to use unnecessary packaging at all. This minimalises our footprint and global impact. Just imagine if the large supermarkets and global brands were brave enough to lead this revolution.

Return the plastic!

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Herb Magick: The ‘Mother’ of all Oils


Organic, cold pressed & unrefined ROSEHIP OIL

Rosehip seed oil is perhaps the mother of all oils and is believed to be a ‘super oil’ when it comes to anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.  It is jammed packed with so many natural goodies that help with:

Stretch marks
UV damage from overexposure to the sun
Scars from surgery, burns, and acne
Wrinkles and premature skin ageing
Burns, including those from radiation and sunburns
Age spots
Brittle nails
Dry and damaged hair
Excellent for dry, scaly fissured skin, dull skin

And it really doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

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Herb Magick: Bruised and aching muscles

Clever me! I slipped over during the snow and realised I had completely run out of my homemade balm for bruises and sore muscles so raided the store cupboard and made a new one.  It’s a simple recipe, here’s how:

Pop 300ml olive oil in a bain marie (it may seem like a heavy oil but it’s really full of fabulous healing qualities).
Throw in some lavender, chamomile, calendula, rosemary and ginger (total weighing roughly 30g-40g dried and a it more if fresh).
Heat and leave to simmer for an hour (don’t forget to top the water every now and again).
Leave to infuse overnight and discard herbs by straining off with muslin.
Warm the infusion and add 15g beeswax, 10% wintergreen, 10% arnica and for good measure 1ml lavender oil.

If you are wanting something a little lighter and quicker to absorb into the skin, swap the Olive Oil for Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Apricot or Kiwi oil.

Cool and store in fridge.  Voila! Lovely smelling too!

(Don’t use on open wounds due to arnica)