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A sense of well-being

Just a hint of an early spring in the air and the sun warms the soul. With the light returning, we’ve decided to shine the light on another side of us!

Purple Pollen’s array of sprays range from unifying to balancing, cleansing, supporting and releasing and all are made with the utmost integrity and love. and you can find these exciting products under Products/ Well-being

How it all came about

Rebekah’s fascination with energy and vibration took her firstly in the direction of crystals where she ploughed her way through an intensive Diploma with the International College of Crystal Healers.  After this feat and with a drive for knowledge, Rebekah was drawn towards the vibrational healing properties of flowers and spent time in Australia where she qualified as a Flower Essence Practitioner in the summer of 2001. Soon after qualifying, Rebekah began making her own, in fact, the very first essence was made in the Blue Mountains, at two sacred healing sites, Mini HaHa and Narrowneck.

Having always held a fascination with the cycles of the moon and how Luna affects us emotionally, as well as the movement of the Planets and of course the spin of Earth and the cycles of the seasons, Rebekah felt it only appropriate to listen to that inner knowing and start combining what she knew; crystals, flowers, planets and earth’s energies into creating some unique and inspiring: well-being sprays and tinctures for every day use.

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