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During 1998, Purple Pollen’s Creative Director, Rebekah Arthurs, started experimenting with herbs and flower tinctures, trying to find a calmative for eczema. Not long after, Rebekah worked for a global animal charity and became increasingly aware of the impact on animals and communities around the world with the varying destruction caused through consumerism. 

And so Rebekah got busy and become a Herbalist and then started mixing and making, combining plant power and ethics.  Rebekah developed a wholesome range of botanical products which are a sustainably and ethically sourced and free from toxins, all for you to enjoy.

Purple Pollen’s botanically active skin and body care awareness range is proudly made in Somerset, Great Britain. We are passionate about the products we make, ensuring our high grade raw materials are sourced from fair-trade co-operatives whilst being conscious of animal habitats and using organic wherever we can. We use glass containers to reduce as much as possible, our plastic impact on an already overwhelmed planet, and have reduced our packaging as we feel this isn’t a necessary part of the final product. We don’t believe in Parabens, SLES, artificial fragrances or colours in our products and with all these ethics crammed into jars and bottles, our exclusive range works beautifully on every skin type. Our products are also suitable for vegans.


My fascination with energy and vibration took me firstly in the direction of crystals; their beauty, personalities and healing properties consumed most of my time as I ploughed my way through a Diploma and in the spring of 2001, I graduated as an MICCH at the International College of Crystal Healers.  With this accomplishment under my belt and a desire to learn, a friend of mine guided me towards the vibrational healing properties of flowers.

Having a keen interest in plants on both a physical and spiritual level, I was drawn to study Australian Bush Flowers and began my quest for their esoteric healing properties in the summer of 2001. My desire to see, touch and sense these plants and flowers in their natural habitat was so strong that I felt compelled to study in Australia with the founder, Ian White.  Soon after qualifying as a Flower Essence Practitioner, I began making my own, in fact, the very first essence I made was in the Blue Mountains, at two sacred healing sites, Mini HaHa and Narrowneck.

I have always held a fascination with the cycles of the moon and how Luna affects us emotionally, as well as the movement of the Planets and of course the spin of Earth and the cycles of the seasons.  It only felt appropriate to listen to that inner knowing and start combining what I knew, what I could call upon and what I could create!

Purple Pollen’s array of sprays range from unifying to balancing, cleansing, supporting and releasing and all are made with the utmost integrity and love.

Although we do not sport appropriate logos on our products we comply with the Organic Soil Association, we work with Cooperatives and Fairtrade, we are vegan friendly, (unless otherwise stated) and of course, none of our raw materials or finished products are tested on animals.

The PLANTY bit
We all know chemicals render parts of the Earth toxic but did you know that our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it before it enters our bloodstream? It is frightening to think that a lot of trusted brands use harmful ingredients and when you start looking, it’s incredible just how many products have ‘parfum’ listed in their ingredients. Some of the ingredients and popular perfumes used contain chemicals that can be linked to headaches, nausea and other more severe health complications.

As far as possible, we only use natural and organic raw materials which are cultivated without artificial fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides. All our organic ingredients are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) UK. We do not use Vaseline or paraffin-based /mineral oils (bi-products of crude / fossil oil) in our products. Nor do we use synthetically produced fragrances. All our products are 100% botanical and are:

Paraben free
Sulphate free
Toxin free
Petrochemical free
Artificial fragrance free
Cruelty free

We are committed to constantly monitor and purchase sustainably and ethically sourced fair-trade and organic high quality raw materials. It is hugely important to us that we support traditional communities, modern community projects and co-operatives globally. With a lot of our raw materials coming from overseas, PP is aware that this produces a carbon footprint. Most of these ingredients are shipped in bulk, keeping the carbon footprint down as much as possible. We feel that purchasing raw materials from communities and co-operatives helps to offset the imbalance of the carbon emissions while we continue to look for more ecological local options wherever possible.

PP does not want to contribute towards the colossal plastic seas and devastating effects plastic has on nature, habitats and landfill so most of our products come in glass jars and bottles. Our containers are re-useable and recyclable and your local authority should take them away with your recycling collection. Unfortunately, our lids are still plastic. We are looking for ways to remedy this without falling back on squeezy plastic bottles. Our products do not come in unnecessary packaging and when we post them out to you, we will try to use as little wrapping as possible while ensuring your order is snug and safe.

The VEGAN bit
Proud to state all our products are suitable for vegans.

What’s with the MAGICK bit?
Truly, we do know how to spell ‘magic’ and to be honest, we at PP feel nature’s nurture is far more than conjuring a rabbit out of a hat and so for us, the Old English spelling of the word (which dates back as far as 1584) gives the feeling of nature’s amazing alchemy bursting with life and vitality. 

We will always do our best to purchase sustainably sourced, ethical, organic and Fairtrade, high grade raw materials.
We will always be open and honest about our products using the common name for all ingredients.
We will always care about the environment and do our best to tread as lightly on the Earth as we can.

PP refers to Purple Pollen

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If your order has been sent via post, it may be that jars of products have been tumbled in the posting process. We ask that you allow the cream/ lotion to settle for a day or two before opening with caution. If the cream/ lotion has smeared the lid, we suggest you scrape this off using a clean/ sterilised teaspoon. Once you have placed the cream/ lotion back into the jar, gently bang a few times to settle the cream/ lotion and using the other end of the teaspoon, make a swirling pattern in the cream to bring it back to a presentable state.

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